Flat Tires and Jesus Christ:

Yesterday, I came back from class to the unfortunate surprise of having a flat tire. Luckily, my car was parked at its second home (Wesley Foundation), and two of the boys immediately offered me their services. It took four boys and two air compressor pumps, but a little over an hour later — my tire was changed, and they’d filled my front tire too (which was low). So blessed by my WesFound boys.

Which brings me to my first point (one of two). The first: I saw Christ reflected in the lives of these young men so extensively today — because they were so willing to step up and lend a hand. Luck was on our side, and the weather was beautiful… but it was chilly, and a breeze was blowing, and I found myself shivering a bit — yet these boys didn’t seem to notice in the slightest (although if I had been one of them, I would have been bitterly complaining). There was no sense of resentment or frustration in them, and they offered to help without my even having to ask, and were so cheerful that it was almost unbelievable to me. No hint of my inconveniencing them or feeling resentful or irritated — just a true spirit of servitude. It was really beautiful to behold.

It makes me think about how I act when thrown into an opportunity to serve someone… even if it isn’t the most convenient time. I cop an attitude. I get disgruntled and grumpy and frustrated and even though I do my best to hide it, I don’t always serve the way I should. But that is not the way that Christ CALLS me to serve. He calls me to serve my brothers and sisters diligently and with love in my heart and joy in my step and a spirit of servitude in my heart. He calls me to be his hands and his feet and to spread his word and his story and his truth and in doing that, I must have a heart that is more than willing to be inconvenienced — a heart that is simply there to help. To love. To serve.

The funny thing is that in doing this, you build up those relationships I was talking about in my previous post — the relationships with depth? Because when you go out of your way… when you accept inconvenience for the sake of loving someone else… then you build up trust. You build up knowledge of character. You place a keystone and begin to form a foundation… and in doing so, you develop that true friendship. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Loving each other? Building up a community with your brothers and sisters — learning to trust them and grow with them and learn with them?

I am humbled by the beautiful servanthood of my friends. Humbled by the joy they show in serving, and the diligence with which they seek to live out Christ through their actions, and their willingness to be inconvenienced. Humbled by the love they showed to me through this. It’s a reminder.

On a different note — I have decided to make a part of my daily life the 1000 Gifts experiment (of sorts). It can be found at A Holy Experience, a blog I recently discovered through perusal of a fellow WordPress Woman’s writings. The reality is that I take so much for granted — and say thank you so very little. God has given me SO MUCH, and I rarely even deign to give him a condescending head nod… much less the praise and thanksgiving he really deserves. And thus, I will be documenting three things I am grateful for. Every single day for the next year. I haven’t decided yet whether I will be following her guidelines exactly (using the daily prompt, that is) — but I will be thanking God for the little things.

I encourage those of you who read this to hold me accountable. Ask to see the feed (there’s an app for that!). Ask what my daily three are. I want to be at a place where giving thanks is a habit — but in the best way. Where I can’t help but do so because I am so overwhelmingly grateful.

I have been neglecting Greek to write this (which is a bad thing. Exam Friday — goodness gracious)… thus I bid you adieu. Till next time, my friends!


2 thoughts on “Flat Tires and Jesus Christ:

  1. Great illustration. Yeah, I’ll serve, but {sometimes} not with a joyful heart. Comes right back to loving well, doesn’t it?
    I absolutely LOVE Ann Voskamp! I’ve been doing her Dare. Glad to have you joining in!

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