And now… to the point:

Let’s get to the REAL reason for this.

I am so tired of superficial, surface-level relationships. When did we as a society become too scared to go deep and really get to know someone? When did we lose the ability to form a relationship based on more than just the basics?

In the communities in which I am involved, I see so many beautiful relationships being built — and yet even in these communities, there is still a lack of that depth and intensity that we were created for. Do I think that it is wise to bare your heart in the first conversation with someone? No, I do not. There is value to be found in guarding your heart. I acknowledge this and I practice this myself.

Yet, at the same time, we put up so many walls that it is nigh impossible to get to know anyone anymore. It seems to me that when we build relationships in this time and age, we spend so much time focusing on the superficial that we miss the things that make us who we are, and in doing so, miss the opportunity to know each other in a deeper way.

I realize that to build every relationship with such depth is difficult and time consuming. Still, I cannot help but to wonder what kind of society we would be if we stopped focusing on the obvious and took a few moments to simply learn about each other. We waste so much time on things that mean NOTHING, and refuse to dedicate even a short while to the development of something that could be so beautiful.

Where did we go wrong?

I am tired of excuses and the way in which people act as though surface-level relationships are the norm. They should not be. They should never have become such. Our God did not create us with the intent of building meaningless relationships — he built us with hearts that love, and minds that think, and imaginations that create, and the ability to build up something — to GROW something — so much greater. He gave us this beautiful gift of relationships, and we continue to throw it away.

We as a society have let society down by allowing this to happen. There has to be a change — in our hearts, in our actions — towards building the community we were made for.

I don’t know what this movement looks like — but something has to change.


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